Professional packaging

Professional packaging 

 , product project service process:

after receiving the customer service phone, customer appointments, door-to-door service by professional moving consultants, according to customers ' goods and called for a detailed relocation plan, issued after the customer to confirm the programme e-quotes, communicate through email clients, before moving to packaging materials. Such as: cardboard boxes, tape, labels, markers and other field operations. Commanded by professional supervisors oversee the entire moving process. Field operations include: the former goods packaging, transport, new packaging, packaging material removal dissection procedure; customer acceptance and payment.

II, and company items packaging project service features:

each customer are has moved consultant in moved Qian door service, according to customer items and requirements design moved programme; vehicles on time point in place, through SMS platform timely told about information; carefully care floor, and wall, and elevator, necessary Shi for packaging protection; employees dress clean, into bedroom shoes sets; on furniture, and sofa, and piano, and refrigerator, and calligraphy, for packaging, on kitchen items provides "plastic turnover box", and on disc, and Bowl Wraps, glass protection, to provide professional clothing hanger; all classification packing slips, labels to indicate the source (such as living room, master bedroom, kitchen, drawer and a cupboard), to the new site by in-situ (or customer demand) putting in place; the whole moving process without customers hands.