Moved house for cleaning furniture and worry

  moved house, we will be busy rearranging, place, that kind of thing. After a move, furniture sleep some dirt, so how do we solve these things? Then listen to me about it!

are familiar with toothpaste all! While toothpaste and ordinary, but Shenzhen moving company phone he uses is really big, such as using it to wipe the refrigerator, air conditioner, TV case dirt, thought is obvious. There is milk in common use, we can use it with a piece of cotton dipped to wipe the wood furniture, especially wooden furniture like desks, cabinets, the effect is very powerful. Home cooking will get the white radish, radish is a clean tool, you can cut into pieces to clean cutting board kitchen, very natural and pollution-free. Alcohol has a disinfectant effect, as you all know, he has unique effects on vegetables fruit juice stains clean up, just renovated floors there will be a child eating candy bars, gum or dirt, we can then the freezer ice with them to clean up, thought is also evident.

in life there are so many highlights that we need to find, sometimes moving company prices yiwujiangyiwu in Shenzhen, this statement is also true. Cleaning of furniture, too, as long as we work hard, your House will be icing on the cake, me looking room was comfortable.