You have kind of a mood after moving

  hold with with most family village moved company Shi as of excited and excited, I also moved into has new homes, new of House, and new of residence, and new of environment, and new of mood, however I not know this mood can keep long, but, also is is excited of in kick in the moved has, after all is new of House, and new of environment, although in mass eye in the that is a more good of environment, but real is good only himself only know, Just moved, although exciting it is because it is a new fresh sense of reason.

fresh sense always has lost of day, but fresh sense after is also is that enjoy of mood, only himself know hungry has, moved is end has, but new home brings of fresh sense, and and that vanity also end has, now left of is Miss, Miss original of home, and now of home in himself heart feel that has no home of feel, real has feel of also is himself yiqian of home, and now of home at best is a accommodation of House just, real home of feel has became Miss, That feel only in Miss in the to appeared has, now left of just lonely, and silence, yiqian simple of neighbors, cute of folks has cannot often meet has, only in new year holiday home is to a see has, that enthusiasm I'm afraid is hard again in himself of life in the appeared has, so wangjing moved company not tightly is for has new House, even himself familiar of folks also moved away from has himself of life, this in heart always a regrets, a lonely, this is moved zhihou of dreary mood Ah.

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